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Introductory Class

This class is taught by:

Christian Carillo

Head Coach

Christian found CrossFit about two years ago. After a very long break from any physical activity, he like most people started lifting weights at his local globo gym. After all the supplements and bench press he found CrossFit from a couple of friends at work. Obviously he was very curious and began doing WOD’s at the gym. That didn’t last long because gym management didn’t like him dropping the weights, apparently it didn’t mesh well with the elliptical machines. He was more than excited when he found out a CrossFit gym was opening nearby. He went in and introduced himself immediately, he was hooked from the minute he walked in the door. After 9 months of training and helping where he could around the box, he decided to get his level 1, started coaching and hasn’t looked back.

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Endurance Certified

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified

Trevor Palmer

Owner/Head Coach

Trevor was introduced to CrossFit in July of 2007 by a fellow firefighter and was hooked after doing his first WOD. He’s always been a person that likes to excel and be the best that he can be in anything that he does. CrossFit is challenging in itself but it also improved his performance in his job and other aspects of his life. As a firefighter/paramedic, he saw on a daily basis the average person beginning to decline in activity and motivation as they get older. With this comes decrease in mobility, strength and dependence on others. Trevor truly believes that CrossFit can and will make a better life for him and the others around him because of the physical and mental demand that it requires. CrossFit has changed his life and he wants to pass that onto others. We only live once and we need to live it to the fullest and be ready and dependable when life calls on us for either yourself, family and friends. Crossfit is the catalyst that will take you there.

Firefighter/Paramedic 11 years, ACLS/PALS, CPR, Crossfitting since 7/2007, Southeast Regionals 2009, Competed on a Southeast Regional team 2011, CFL1 Certified 7/2010, CF Gymnastics Certified 9/2012, CF Strongman Certified 11/2012, CF Mobility Certified 12/2012

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