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Not sure if South Orlando CrossFit is for you? Hear what our members have to say.



Matt BarinatoI really didn’t know what to expect when I first started Crossfit.  A friend of mine had continually urged me to try it.  After researching online I seriously doubted that I was capable of doing Crossfit without seriously injuring myself.  I’ve never been very athletic or spent much time weightlifting.  Several years ago I was extremely overweight and headed for a lifetime of health problems.  I was able to drop 70lbs and keep it off through diet change and increased exercise mainly consisting of running with a little strength training. Going to the gym on a regular basis and doing the typical lifting routines was unappealing which made it hard to motivate myself.  I did P90X and Insanity after the weight loss that helped me maintain my weight but really didn’t give me any strength gains.


After several months of urging I finally signed up and started foundations at South Orlando Crossfit even though I still had my doubts.  I was able to survive the four foundations classes that helped familiarize me with all the different movements.   Initially I found it difficult to put into practice the movements learned in foundations and struggled with the endurance required to survive the WOD.   I would routinely be the last one to finish the workout.  With the help of the trainers at SOCF the movements started to get easier and I started to notice improvements in my strength and endurance.  Around month 3 or 4 I really started to notice gains in the amount I could lift.  I started setting several personal records with my lifts.  I also could start seeing significant physical differences in my body (not just the bruises, cuts, and blisters which you will get).  I was feeling healthier and noticed my clothes were looser even though my bodyweight had remained constant.    I’m now a firm believer in Crossfit and SOCF. I can’t imagine doing WOD’s anywhere else.  SOCF trainers are there to help and push you to excel.   The members are just as helpful and encouraging as the trainers, which makes for a great workout atmosphere.  I’ve recently gone to unlimited monthly membership and don’t see myself ever going to a regular gym again.   I’m a firm believer that anyone can and everyone should do Crossfit regardless of current physical abilities.  As long as I’m living in Orlando SOCF will be my workout home.



Beth AnneSouth Orlando Crossfit is comprised of a wonderful group of people and coaches.  The different personalities and positive attitudes help keep me motivated and goal oriented.  Their programing is challenging and yet the coaches are there to guide each step of the way.  I have fallen in love with the community that is Crossfit and SOCF is my home away from home. 


I found South Orlando Crossfit after signing up for the Savage Race in Orlando FL. I was looking to improve my general fitness but most importantly, wanted to meet new people.  Crossfit pushes you to do things you never thought possible and the fact that you are accomplishing these amazing tasks with a large support group behind you, is very rewarding!  The relationships I have made at SOCF are ones I will cherish for years to come.

Thank you South Orlando Crossfit for believing in me, pushing me, and supporting me!




Angela Chuk
I never considered myself to be an athletic person. I never did team sports in high school or college. Most of my exercise consisted of a boot camp class once a week or aimlessly walking around the gym, unsure of what type of exercise to do or how much weight to use. A friend of mine told me about CrossFit and from that very first class, I was hooked. The trainers welcomed me to the gym and were very friendly and explained all the movements in a way that didn't make it intimidating at all. I love the fact that every day is different. You never know what to expect, and that's why the workouts never get old or boring. You're constantly challenged and learning new skills. I now have more energy than ever.


Another reason why I love CrossFit is the community atmosphere. It can be scary going into a new gym, not knowing anyone, not knowing what to expect, and just feeling out of place. A CrossFit community isn't just a bunch of people pushing around heavy weight, doing rope climbs and tire flips. It is a family. Part of the culture is to encourage and motivate each other. You have a team mentality.


CrossFit isn't just a craze or a fad, it's a lifestyle. And the best part is, everyone can do it! I've come to realize that no dream is out of reach. I've noticed that now instead of saying, "I can't" I'll say, "I don't know if I can, but I'll give it a try." Yes, CrossFit changed my life.



I have been engaged in weight and cardio training since my days as a high school and college athlete.  

Chuck Bosworth

 Over the years I would cycle through periods of high and low motivation, sporadic and lackluster workouts.  I struggled to make any significant progress or maintain the gains that I did achieve.  I was the typical “globo gym” member.  Then I found Crossfit and SOCF.   It was new, interesting, extremely challenging and fun.  I rarely broke a sweat with my old weight lifting routines, but with Crossfit, strength training had been combined with high intensity cardio output.  I walked out the first day, soaking wet, absolutely spent and completely hooked.  I have been a Crossfit athlete for two years now and I am in the best shape of my life, hitting “personal records” on all of my athletic benchmarks… I just turned 46.  I am still as excited about going to the gym as I was my first day.  It is always different, always a new challenge. The combination of working out with my fellow athletes in a group setting, the “tough love” of a knowledgeable and committed coaching staff and the SOCF atmosphere all conspire to push me to perform at levels I would never attempt or achieve on my own.